Twelve Canada

Strengthening the leadership teams of social-change organizations by facilitating useful evaluations across Canada.

1. Problem

Twelve Canada needed to share stories, knowledge and information amongst a growing group looking for detailed facilitation of workplace efficiencies within Canadian NGOs and nonprofits. But, everyone in the organization had a different understanding and language to describe the work Twelve did, creating inefficiencies and confusion.

2. Ideation

Develop key digital assets and partnerships to ensure the growth of benefactions and online engagement. Additionally, the enhancement, development and implementation of new internal applications to share information with everyone involved to ensure consistent knowledge sharing.

3. Implementation

Relaunching the website with a focus on knowledge sharing and calls-to-action required a switch from Weebly to WordPress. Additionally, the consolidation of social media and searchable digital footprints needed to be the same, and consistent. Thus, requiring content and stories to match.

A startup inside a nonprofit

Building better organizations through strategic and transparent consulting.

Basics to Build Up

See how I helped to build the campaign...start, middle and end; just like that paragraph hamburger from grade twelve English (that apparently is important...)


Research + Gathering 👨🏼‍💻

Talking with staff and volunteers to further understand the mission, role(s), responsibilities and language of the organization and get a better understanding of the group.


Creation 🖍

The creation of new digital assets and systems to share knowledge both internally and externally and the introduction of similar language amongst the teams at Twelve.


Engagement 🤩

Leveraging newly created branding and digital assets to promote and share knowledge of the organization. Completed through the creation of multiple social campaigns and PR partnerships.


Analysis ⚡️

Analyzing the implementation and leverage gained from strategic PR and content campaigns, and the usage of internal communication tools by volunteers and staff.


Twelve Canada's digital transformation saw the introduction of transparent, and clear language to translate the organization's work with the public.

Learning Together

1. Increase in online impressions

Through the alignment of language within the organization, newly created digital assets allowed Twelve to reach 194% more people during Q3 2019 than the previous two quarters.

2. Less Ambiguity and Better Communication

Through the integration and adoption of new software to communicate tasks and files amongst staff, employees and volunteers where better able to access information about projects and better able to gather knowledge across the organization.

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