TD Canada-Trust

Getting young people the information they need to build their wealth.

1. Problem

TD-Canada Trust, one of the largest banks globally, wanted to reach younger consumers in a targeted way, and increase their overall brand recognition amongst generation-z audiences. 

2. Ideation

Developing key customer personas to first understand and analyze the needs and desires of young Canadians opening their first bank account, credit card or investing. Next analyzing current knowledge of the bank's offerings amongst the target audience was required to build content for them.

3. Implementation

Producing articles and social media content specifically for a younger audience, and targeted to varying backgrounds within the growing generation-z market. Next, analyzing CRM opportunities for students and younger customers to grow their wealth with TD and, in turn, their knowledge of their finances.

Truly Making The Difference

Young customers, now more than ever, put a brand's reputation above anything else. As such, positioning TD's content in a way that is accessible and informative was critical to the success of the campaign.

Basics to Build Up

See how I helped to build the campaign...start, middle and end; just like that paragraph hamburger from grade twelve English (that apparently is important...)


Customer Personas 😎

Analyzing the current foundation of younger customers and engaging the target demographic to ensure that content is delivered in an accessible and relevant manner. 


Content Strategy 🖍

Creating a hyper-active and moldable strategy for social media, blogs, independent brands and digital applications to ensure consistent quality content.


Launch 🚀

Publishing social media, articles and PR content on multiple platforms and mediums to ensure that the target market receives content that promotes the brand of TD and increases activity to the bank's CRM.


Analyze ⚡️

Analyze published content and make adjustments throughout the campaign to better reach and meet the requirements of the campaign. This was done by changing the ratio of social media, articles, PR and digital ad investments.


TD Canada-Trust looks to deliver legendary customer experiences to its customers and build a better bank for Canadians both national and abroad.

"People Make The Difference"

1. Growing Social Presence

Increase of social media presence by 9.45% globally, with a gain in generation-z followers of over 1,200 across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Although a small percentage of the overall community following TD, they now have the ability to reach new customers looking to learn more about their financial well-being and future.

2. Development of an underserved segment

Creating best-practise and relative information about the production of content for the next generation of banking customers. Ultimately allowing TD to be positioned better to provide additional value to this market segment as they mature and look to access additional banking services.

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