Creating brands that matter more with a quirky workplace culture perfect for creative gurus and marketing mavins alike.

1. Who Is sagecomm?

sagecomm is a group of marketing strategists, creatives and brand leaders working to develop and create positive local and national impact through effective marketing campaigns and brands at scale. sagecomm's unique nature leads with intense research and by asking tough questions to fully understand their clients and the communities they serve.

2. What Did They Do?

sagecomm is a strategic marketing and communications provider specializing in brand, product and cause positioning, marketing strategy and community engagement. Their work is rooted in a strategy-first approach, supported by a foundation of market research, audience-focused design, and a high-touch relationship model that treats clients as partners.

3. What Did I Do?

As a marketing coordinator (digital), I worked alongside marketing strategists, specialists and designers to strategically design and launch digital ad campaigns for clients both local and national. In my role, I was responsible for assisting upper-level team members with digital campaigns for clients, and for answering specific campaign questions to support decision making.

Strategy First, Second and Third

sagecomm's approach of research and intuition required clients to dig deep and ask questions about their brand that they otherwise wouldn't have. As a result, they produce work with clarity, vision and disruption.

My sagecomm journey

See how I helped while at sagecomm. Like every good story, it has a start, middle and end (not yet...); it's that paragraph hamburger from grade twelve English (which apparently is super important...)


A Chance🤞🏻

In October 2018 I applied on a whim to sagecomm as a marketing specialist. Shockingly they took my serious and I met the team. Nothing came from the introduction (because I was still in school)...but like every great rom-com, things turn out alright. 😉


Summer '19 😎

I joined sagecomm as a marketing coordinator for digital campaigns and projects. Working with the team, I was able to leverage my own skills in digital advertising and learn a whole lot more about brand positioning, market research and organizational analysis from the pros.


Extension 🤟🏻

Originally, I was assigned to work with sagecomm during the summer before leaving London to start school in Waterloo. However, we both agreed to trial remote-working on the same clients to ensure the continuation of growth within various campaigns. I was overjoyed to stay!


Future 🎱

Into 2020, I'm excited to retain a relationship with the amazing people at sagecomm. Although I'm not there, fate may bring us back together in the future for co-op or another bliss-filled summer. I'm so thankful for the opportunities they gave me and for the people there.

Why Does This Matter?

Learning from people who I deeply admire and respect is one thing. The work that I was exposed to during my time, albeit challenging at times, truly allowed me to grow as a marketer and think way beyond cookie-cutter.

1. Individual Responsibilities = Happiness

In my role at sagecomm, I worked to launch over ten campaigns for clients and ensured that financial resources were effectively used. Platforms used include Facebook, Instagram, Google (Ads + Analytics) and others.

2. #Blessed Opportunities

sagecomm has a unique culture of mutual care for everyone at the agency. Because everyone works in collaboration so closely, we work together to produce work to elevate brands as a collective team. As such, I was afforded the unique opportunity to work on projects that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to work on in other firms.

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