Running for cancer patients in London and area, one kilometre at a time.

1. Problem

In 2017, ONERUN was a primarily off-line organization. Less than 40% of all donations took place online, and student teams would often get confused if they registered properly. Additionally, their online brand wasn't consistent or properly integrated.

2. Ideation

Develop key digital assets and partnerships to ensure the growth of donations and online impressions. Additionally, the enhancement and development of new applications to share information about the organization, and offer new opportunities to donate.

3. Implementation

Relaunching the website with a focus on donating and calls-to-action required a switch from Wix to WordPress. Additionally, the consolidation of each social media and searchable digital footprints needed to be the same, and consistent. Thus, requiring content.

Together We Fight

Ensuring that local cancer patients and their families have the support they need in their community.

Basics to Build Up

See how I helped to build the campaign...start, middle and end; just like that paragraph hamburger from grade twelve English (that apparently is important...)


Building Basics 🧱

Recreating the website and relaunching each social media platform to ensure a cohesive and consistent donor experience. Starting with basics.


Strategic Messages 💕

Sharing the love with every donor through automated and public messaging (social, email, website) and the launch of specific school pages ensuring a better experience.


Evolving The Experience 🤟🏻

Introduce new donor solutions like website chat, sponsorship marketing, strategic CTA social posts, the launch of a new FAQ site and the introduction of digital ads through a Google Grant.


Moving Forward 🥳

Continuing to create experiences online for donors to experience what ONERUN is and why the organization is essential in the community that they live, learn and work in.

**This is an ongoing project.**

I continue to work as a volunteer marketing and donor experience manager.


ONERUN's mission continues to be published and seen by millions of Canadians supporting local cancer patients.

Together We Fight

1. Massively Increased Presence

Growth of the online community by 412% when comparing ONERUN 2018 to ONERUN 2019. Additionally, ONERUN's Instagram account grew from ~700 to over 13,000 followers during the 2019 campaign.

2. $1.3 million raised

In 2018, ONERUN raised its millionth dollar after eight years. Between 2017 and 2019, the organization saw an 83% growth of online donations resulting in a greater remarketing opportunity.

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