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Showcasing a personalized academic experience to students
starting the next chapter: University.

1. Problem

In Fall of 2017, King's University-College wanted to reach out to students looking at post-secondary options in southwestern Ontario. With other options being Western, Huron, Fanshawe College and UW Stratford, King's needed to reach students on their level.

2. Ideation

The campaign strategy was to interview multiple students pursuing degrees in various faculties on the King's campus. Creating an intimate series of video ads promoted on social media channels where potential students are.

3. Implementation

Leveraging targeted keywords, each ad was shown to students looking at programs offered at King's. As such, students interested in BMOS would receive testimonials about their program interests. The goal was designed to both promote academics and student life, with some featuring athletics, arts and extracurriculars.

King's to me is...

Sharing what King's is to students from various backgrounds and programs.

Basics to Build Up

See how I helped to build the campaign...start, middle and end; just like that paragraph hamburger from grade twelve English (that apparently is important...)


Personas 🤓

Creating student personas to create clear, targeted ads that attract and speak to new potential enrollments.


Production 🎥

Producing and creating multiple videos in an interview series with students at King's University-College, then editing.


Launch 🚀

Launching the video series on social media as promoted ads (Facebook and Instagram videos) with a targeted approach we were able to earn a $0.02/action.


Analysis ⚡️

Analyzing the campaign to ensure the ads preform best and reach the student audience at the lowest cost and to an audience that engages with the series.


King's University-College's mission is to engage in the open pursuit of truth and the discovery and sharing of knowledge in service to humanity.

Learning Together

1. Increase in online impressions

The King's University-College campaign ran for two months and was promoted to over 350,000 students in southwestern Ontario, with a concentration in London, Ontario.

2. Retention Growth

During the campaign running, over 90% of the videos in the rotation where viewed for over 70% of the video runs. (This means that, on average, the videos were watched for 70% of the total duration).

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