Entry Software

Simplifying project management solutions for teams of various sizes at scale - coupled with content to match.

1. Problem

Entry Software wanted to continue to promote content on its blog with articles targetted to current customers and potential new customers. Additionally, they wanted to leverage existing knowledge of project management and organizational software to customers new to project management.

2. Ideation

Developing a content strategy designed to give value to knowledgable project managers and new ones alike, whilst reaching decisions makers on multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram.

3. Implementation

Partnering with external and internal writers and strategists (at Contend) to produce and publish content for Entry Software. Additionally, leveraging and promoting content on platforms to ensure efficient delivery of articles and knowledge.

Content for the modern professional.

Creating and promoting content to modern PMS administrators looking for all-in-one solutions.

Basics to Build Up

See how I helped to build the campaign...start, middle and end; just like that paragraph hamburger from grade twelve English (that apparently is important...)


Content Strategy 👨🏼‍💻

Understanding the unique content needs of project managers, administrators and potential customers of Entry to create content for their professional needs.


Editorial 🖍

Creating content with advisement from industry-leading project managers and writers at Shopify, Salesforce, Feedly, Medium and Monday.com.


Launch 🚀

Publishing and promoting content to attract new users by providing added value on best-practises through online platforms.


Analysis ⚡️

Analyzing content to ensure the ads and posts perform best and reach the best audience at the lowest cost and to engaged organizations.


Entry's mission with the content was to give first to potential customers before starting a new conversation or sale. Overall, creating a relationship with customers before they decide to buy.

Learning Together

1. Increase in online impressions

The content published to the Entry blog and promoted online garnered over 140,000 impressions during a six month promotion period.

2. CRM Development

Creation and enticement of additional information from new customers via the Entry blog. Thus creating additional options for customers to gain information about Entry Software's offerings.

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