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1. Who Were We?

Contend was an agency run by students in southwestern Ontario and the GTA. Together with my co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Wiseman, I was able to work and garner relationships with clients across various industries. Growing from a small startup to a company producing dozens of articles each month, we quickly learned how to build a business, together.

2. What Did We Do?

Contend provided companies with content marketing strategies, consulting, production software solutions, customer content, research design and consumer experience development that drove value for our clients. This mix of services, customizability, and software allowed our clients to see, on average, an 800%+ ROI.

3. What Did I Do?

As Chief Executive Officer, I was responsible for the client-side operations and direct growth of the organization, financially and operationally. As such, I was pivotal in creating strategic relationships with individuals in various settings to grow the business and partner to increase efficiencies. Additionally, I was responsible for the day-to-day operation of the business alongside my co-founder.

Content is Key 🔑

We believed that custom, non-promotional and original content made the difference in driving customers to our client's blogs, social media, site pages and landers.

Ideation to Celebration

See how I helped to build the campaign...start, middle and end; just like that paragraph hamburger from grade twelve English (that apparently is important...)


Building 🏗

My co-founder and I built the business following the sale of Geco. Setting the foundation for what Contend would look like and how we would operate.


Trial & Failure 😖

Like every startup, failure is going to happen. One of my personal philosophies is "build a great team", which, I am grateful for as we learned and adapted.


Scaling Services 🤟🏻

With the signing of DriveTime, Entry, TD Canada-Trust and other notable clients, we began to understand optimization strategies and started to focus on building a business together. Hiring more staff, investing in product and growing sales.


Exit 🎉

In Spring, 2018, my co-founder and I decided that it was best for our post-secondary applications and our own lives to move on from the business. As such, we both agreed on exiting to pursue other career and educational aspirations.


I learned that business has tough times and amazing times - the hard way. But, I knew that my team, my co-founder and my family had my back to grow a business in a highly competitive industry.

"Build something amazing. Together."

1. Gained clients across North America

Grew the sales and operational reach of the organization across North America, making Contend a known brand for custom content development and distribution.

2. Successful Exit

Successfully exited the organization to continue the trend of acquisition in my entrepreneurial career. (Not publically recorded because of shareholder ruling).

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