Boom Aerospace

Building content and critical public relations for an organization going supersonic and pushing the envelope.

1. Problem

Supersonic flight is not the norm for commercial or private air travel. Since the launch of Concorde in the 1970s the environmental impact, noise pollution and overall public perception have been mixed. However, Boom's mission is to return this offering to the market and do so with modern technologies and sophisticated research. Expressing this knowledge in an accessible manner can be difficult.

2. Ideation

Developing key customer personas to first understand and analyze the needs and desires of potential airline customers, passengers and governmental agencies, all of whom impact the success of the airliner. Next analyzing current knowledge of supersonic aviation amongst the target audience was required to build content for them.

3. Implementation

The creation and publishing of critical cases, releases and research in a way that is accessible and reputable to the general public, airline executives and governmental organizations. Next, creating a sense of experience to passengers and airlines to ensure a consistent image of what supersonic travel could look like.

Faster Than The Speed Of Sound

Sharing the spirit and experience of supersonic travel in an accessible manner at scale. Boom.

Basics to Build Up

See how I helped to build the campaign...start, middle and end; just like that paragraph hamburger from grade twelve English (that apparently is important...)


Content Strategy 👨🏻‍🎨

Understanding the unique content needs of airlines, passengers and governmental agency researchers to create content to match.


Editorial 🖍

Creating content with advisement from internal staff and industry-leading researchers and engineers to ensure quality and clarity.


Launch 🚀

Publishing and promoting content to attract new users by providing added value on best-practises through publishers and online networks.


Analysis ⚡️

Analyzing content to ensure the ads and posts perform best and reach the best audience at the lowest cost and to engaged organizations.


Promoting the experience of flying at the speed of light to ensure positive public and corporate perception.

Flight at the Speed of Sound

1. Increase in online impressions

The content published to networks and PR partners grew online impressions and searches of the Boom brand by 11.2% in Q3 2016. Additionally, the total online impressions reached over 120,000 during the PR campaign period.

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