Aer Lingus

Sharing the experience of flying with a millennial audience in a new way. Are you ready to fly?

1. Problem

Aer Lingus was looking to attract millennial customers in North America to fly to Ireland. Without proper influencer marketing means, they were looking to attract customers via organic social media content.

2. Ideation

Developing key customer personas to first understand and analyze the needs and desires of fliers to the Islands, both for business and leisure. Next analyzing current travel trends to further understand and anticipate promotions.

3. Implementation

Launching partnerships with influencers in key markets through self-generated and promoted content on multiple mediums. Next, tracking and ensuring positive growth on social and CRM development.

Sharing the journey — At scale.

Sharing the experience of flying with hundreds of thousands online...but with some added influence. 😎

Basics to Build Up

See how I helped to build the campaign...start, middle and end; just like that paragraph hamburger from grade twelve English (that apparently is important...)


Customer Personas 👥

Analyze the current and potential customers to further understand what content meets the scope of the campaign.


Mock-Ups 🖌

Develop mockup content examples to give better clarity and control over what content is recommended for publishing.


Publish Content 🚀

Create partnerships with influencers that meet the campaign criteria and attract specific audiences to ensure a successful campaign.


Analyze ⚡️

Analyze published content and make adjustments throughout the campaign to better reach and meet the requirements of the campaign.


Flying high on millennial travellers. Through promoting experiences onboard and during the influencer's time in Ireland, promotions show true experiences, rather than standard digital ads.

"Smart flies Aer Lingus"

1. Growing Social Presence

Increase of social media presence by 9.8% globally, setting the stage for Ireland to be a popular destination for North American travellers.

2. Growth of Millennial Travellers

Increase of the millennial traveller segment to Ireland, spreading the overall reliance on FnF (friends and family) travellers between popular North American destinations.

3. Sharing of Best-Practises

Aer Lingus, a member of the IAG (International Airlines Group) set the stage for influencer strategies within this specific customer segment. As such, the campaign continues to help other member airlines.

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