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I design and develop unique digital experiences that excite customers and grow businesses. Powered by strategic marketing techniques but backed by analytics and technology.

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I'm a two-time exited entrepreneur and award-winning marketing strategist currently studying at Wilfrid Laurier's Lazaridis School of Business and Economics.

In 2017, I was named one of the top 100 youth entrepreneurs in North America and have since created advertising campaigns for the likes of Amazon, Aer Lingus, TD Canada-Trust, ONERUN and many others. All of this before my nineteenth birthday.

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My Work

I'm excited about brand-conscience clients looking to grow their organizations and increase value for all stakeholders. I'm grateful to have had opportunities to work on projects in several industries spanning from finance/investments and non-profits to travel and tourism and post-secondary education.

Dia dhuit (Hello)

I'm just a kid who fell in love with integrated analytics when I should have been studying algebra. Proudly Irish-Canadian, I grew up in London, Ontario playing hockey and learning everything to do with airplanes. ✈️

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  • Each time Sean is asked to complete a task, he does it immediately and thoroughly. Sean enthusiastically stepped up to help with ONERUN's marketing - something extremely valuable for the success of ONERUN school events. The ONERUN team is fortunate to have Sean on board.
    Theresa Carriere
    Executive Director & Founder, ONERUN
  • Sean is one of the most driven and focused people I've had the pleasure of coming across. He brought incredible professionalism to the firm and was a driving force in developing new best practises and R&D projects for clients. Additionally, his love for marketing was evident in his work and the detail he put into the clients that he helped.
    Alexis Harold
    Former Head of Innovation & Corporate Infrastructure, Contend Social
  • Sean is a talented digital marketer within our team and within the company and has blown us away with his passion and knowledge of digital marketing. He continues to bring fresh ideas to the table and is a welcome addition. He is a great person to bounce ideas off of and has taken his role well, even while still in high school.
    Lucas Byrne
    Former Marketing Specialist, Amazon
  • Sean's contribution to Twelve Canada's core charitable operations has transformed our digital footprint and his impact continues to unfold. Most important to note is that Sean was an inspiring and positive presence within our start-up team! And for that, we are most grateful!
    Zach Anderson
    Former Executive Director, Twelve Canada
  • Sean is an excellent example of an early entrepreneur who has been able to apply his technical expertise to quickly generate revenue. Astute at identifying a market gap, he has experience in everything from front line customer acquisition to product development to project management.
    Lisa Schellenberg
    Entrepreneur-in-Residence, TechAlliance

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