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Genis Biotechnologies


Brand Management

Genis Biotechnologies

Genis Biotechnologies, a startup based in Toronto, Canada strived to discover, develop and commercialize novel and life-changing pharmaceutical products, supplements and medical devices derived from crustacean exoskeletons. The Genis team developed cutting-edge research on the production of chitin, chitosan and chitin derived oligosaccharides with a mission to leverage their accumulated body of world-class scientific research to provide life-altering benefits for individuals suffering from a broad spectrum of inflammatory and degenerative conditions. I joined the Genis team in August 2016 as a consultant and later as their VP, Marketing & Digital Strategy in February 2017 on an annual interim contract.


I work to ensure the success of critical marketing campaigns for the growth and development of customer relations, strategic partnerships, and overall engagement. As such, I grew the organization's reach to over 80K blog followers and helped position the company to a successful acquisition in mid-2018.

  • Date

    February 1, 2018

  • Skills

    Campaign, Strategy, Content, PR/Press, Group Management

  • Client

    Genis Biotechnologies

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